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VERY GOOD READ "Just  finished reading this & loved it. I will definitely be getting the next book in the Ruby's Ranch series.  I would love to know more about Augie. This book is full of interesting characters and people I would enjoy getting to know better. The ending was something that I did not see coming. I do not want to give anything away so you should read this one for yourself." By Mary

I CAN'T WAIT FOR THE NEXT BOOK! "I had a difficult time putting the story down. I was led down many paths that always had me wanting to know more. And more. Excellent detail. I felt as if I was there in the story. I  can't wait for the authors next book." by Anonymous

WONDERFUL!  "Wonderful story! You have done an excellent job with this book, Rhonda. Couldn't wait to get off work and continue to read. Looking forward to the next book!" by Tammy

FIVE STARS " Love, love love it! Cannot wait for the next book" by Sarah

RONE/RAVEN award finalist, Book 1-Return to Ruby’s Ranch, tells Ruby Lattrell’s story. Granddaughter of the original matriarch, Ruby inherits the beloved family ranch, twenty years after she was pulled away from her childhood home after her mother, Katherine, disappeared. When she returns home, she’s greeted by beloved ghosts, haunting secrets and a timeless love. 


RAVEN award finalist, Book 2-Escape from Ruby’s Ranch, takes us back one generation to view the ranch from Katherine’s eyes. We learn what really happens when she disappears and if her love for John brings her through.


New Release, Book 3-Legacy of Ruby’s Ranch, takes us back one more generation to follow the journey of the original matriarch, Rube Gautier. The moment her grandmother presses an ancient amulet into her palm, Rube’s life changes. Chosen to lead a mystical life in the service of her village, she’s expected to marry within the community and confer with the spirits to lead her people, but all she really wants is a normal life, on a ranch of her own far away from Oklahoma, with a man of her choosing. When she lays eyes on Mac, hope for a different future begins to blossom.

World War II hero, Mackenzie Adams finds more than he bargained for at a local livestock auction. When he catches sight of the fiery redhead commanding a crowd of roughneck ranchers, his heart pounds faster than it had when he’d stormed Omaha beach. He’d never seen so much passion and so much angst in such a beautiful package. Unfortunately, she’s bound to another life.

Sparks fly between Rube and Mac even as danger lurks around them. The spirits insist Rube must fulfill her destiny, and they will do what they must to see it done, even if it means taking those Rube loves away from her.


Coming Soon, Book 4-Christmas at Ruby’s Ranch, (Novella), brings us back to the present day. This year the Ruby's Ranch family will celebrate Christmas together for the first time in two decades. It’s the miracle Ruby MacCallister has prayed for since the day her mother inexplicably disappeared, splitting the family apart.

When an anonymous gift arrives on the doorstep a few weeks before the big holiday, a very pregnant Ruby, finds herself enmeshed in the intrigue surrounding Granny Rube’s death again. 


Will Ruby’s holiday wishes come true, or will family secrets devastate their happy reunion?


Coming 2020, Book 5-Revenge at Ruby’s Ranch, will bring all the matriarchs together to solve the final mysteries and avenge all the wrongs.

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Follow the mystical journey of the four strong matriarchs of Ruby's Ranch