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Rhonda's Children's Books

"These short stories were a fun collaboration with my dear friend, amazing artist

Christine McBride."

Precious Priscilla, the Goddess of Vegetation, along with her only daughter, Lovely Lily, bring life and nourishment to the land below the clouds. As they dance and laugh, crops flourish, animals frolic and all is well in King Icara’s land. When Lovely Lily grows up and becomes curious about the kingdom, Priscilla has no choice but to let her go.Lily is mesmerized by the beauty she finds on her first adventure to the land below. The sweet smell of the flowers and the softness of the green grass beneath her bare feet is enchanting. When the handsome Hiding Hugo carries her away to his underground world, her destiny and that of the kingdom changes forever.

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Seasons of Love

seasons of love cover.jpg
These beautiful illustrations
by Christine McBride
treesa the tree cover.jpg

Treesa the Tree

Ornery Willie Wickam is up to no good. Even after being warned by his Grandmother to leave the hammer and nails alone, he continues to wreak havoc. This time its the forest he's after. When danger threatens, Wendy, Willie's kind twin sister, along with some fabulous, leafy friends work together to show him the power and beauty of mother nature.

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